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Untitled Art is an innovative and inclusive platform for discovering contemporary art. It balances intellectual integrity with cutting-edge experimentation, refreshing the standard fair model by embracing a unique curatorial approach.

Untitled Art was founded in 2012 by Jeff Lawson. Each year, the fair selects a curatorial team to identify and curate a selection of international galleries, artist-run exhibition spaces, and non-profit institutions and organizations, in dialogue with an architecturally-designed venue. It launched the art world’s first virtual reality fair in July 2020 and will celebrate its 10th edition in 2021.

To mark the occasion, under the guidance of Artistic Director Omar López-Chahoud, the 2021 presentation features an expanded curatorial platform with four guest curators: Natasha Becker, Miguel A. López, Estrellita Brodsky and José Falconi. Brought together for their diverse perspectives and regional expertise, the curators will nurture dialogue between participating galleries and artists to generate a more global and inclusive conversation.

The 2021 presentation takes place on the sands of Miami Beach from Nov 29 until Dec 4. Comprising over 145 international contemporary galleries, the fair connects the best of contemporary art, live events, artist performances and other activations to keep more than 40,000 attendees captive and entertained during Miami Art Week.


Curated by SARAHCROWN founder Sarah Corona, WITHIN is Nigerian-born artist Osaretin Ugiagbe’s first solo exhibition since his return from London, UK. The exhibition presents Ugiagbe’s works from two recent series that he has been creating in the past year, a collection of paintings on canvas and more abstract, sculptural mixed media installations, “Bounty” and “Metal Summer.” These series both revolve around the ideas of self-reflection and belonging in different visual languages.  

Osaretin Ugiagbe: WITHIN showcases both series conjointly to reveal Ugiagbe’s range of artistic process and persona, and the series’ duality in conversation with each other. 

WITHIN will run between April 6 – June 26, 2021 at The Yard: Columbus Circle’s all three floors.

Ugiagbe utilizes his art to open up a space for existential interrogation. The “Bounty” series combines the concepts of self, memory, and the artist’s lifelong interest in portrait painting, using interiors from past experiences. These spaces within the canvas visualize a certain sense of confrontation. Ugiagbe, aiming to tackle and ultimately re-address the tradition of portraiture, hazily depicts the people around him; adding imprinted patterns of Bounty paper towels as a reminder of domesticity and the ephemeral. In these paintings, people appear like mysterious figures without faces, leaving it to the viewer to give them a name. Some of the more recent works, such as Picasso Hand (2021), show unfinished details that break the conformity of the composition. The “unfinished,” then, becomes a reminder of the ever-changing aspects in today’s life, of both the power of instability and reinvention. 

“Metal Summer” is another way of dealing with similar subjects, yet has a more symbolic, abstract visual language as sculptural works that surpass disciplines. Ugiagbe uses the disintegration and layers over layers of paper, found objects, and metal clamps to externalize his relationship with the streets of cities that impacted him. As Ugiagbe approaches identity politics from the physical surface, these works signify how bureaucracy and physical labor have the power to shape culture. This technique he developed during his time at the Royal College of Art demonstrates a similarly arduous work, and requires many tasks: painting, drawing, folding, binding, ripping, cutting and layering of materials be it found objects, paper or canvas, all held together by metal clamps: a device, in the artist’s own words, “universal in its functionality to hold work, both the physical labour and the work of art, in place.” While the papers and found materials symbolize his personalized urban connection, the metal clamps are a visual manifestation of the physical labor and the working class. In a more metaphorical sense, the layers of paper can be recognized as the many layers of one’s personality, as the many layers of culture in one society, as the many different views people can have of one and the same thing. In a direct pastiche to Robert Rauschenberg, Ugiagbe adds layer after layer where Rauschenberg would tear away, until he is satisfied with his new “character.”

Both series, although perceptibly distant from each other, are intimately connected. Ugiagbe created both series contemporarily, moving between painting and sculpting and sometimes finishing up to 4 works at the same time. They also inform each other: While the canvases are a figurative description of feelings of belonging, personality, and home, the sculptural installations of “Metal Summer” address Ugiagbe’s rendering of the urban landscape, and complete that vision from the outside, from the world. 

Location: The Yard – Columbus Circle 33 W 60th Street –  2nd, 11th, and 12th floor
On view: April 6 – June 26, 2021
Public hours: Mon – Fri 9:30 – 5:30

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Color of Bruise, (Royal College of Art Degree Show) June 2019  

10 Questions with Osaretin Ugiagbe (Hostos Community College)

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Visiting Artist Talk at The Ruskin School of Art (University of Oxford) February 8, 2019


A New York State of Mind Stories from the Unusual Suspects

DE CACAOFABRIEK, Helmond, The Netherlands

September 2 - October 14, 2018

Opening reception: Sunday, September 2 at 3 pm

Curated by: Elise Tak (artist)

Featuring the artists and projects:


Cacao Marciano/Martian Chocolate, Mary Chang, Joe Gilmore,

Rick Krieger, The Madness of Art + Charlie Hewitt, Marvin Piqué,

Arlene Rush, Bishakh Som, Patricia Lee Stotter & Mark Pinto,

Hendrika Ter Elst, John Tomlinson, Osaretin Ugiagbe,


Loura van der Meule, Elise Tak

Tao Hua Tan, International Spring Artist Retreat and Painting Residence (May 25th 2018 - June 10th)

The First session of Tao Hu Tan Artist Spring Retreat and Painting Residence is organized by Anhui Tao Hua Tan Cultural Development Ltd. The residence will take

place at: “By The Peach Blossom Pool Arts and Holiday Riverside Resort”, Tao Hua Tan, Anhui Province, China; with the goal to foster the artistic and cultural

relationships, friendships and artistic understanding between China and the rest of the world.

A Tao Hua Tan Art Residency emphasizes the importance of meaningful and multi-layered cultural exchange and immersion into another culture while exploring the link

between the traditional and contemporary aspects. As decided by the organizers, about 8 artists from China and from different countries will be invited to participate. Artist are selected by the curators: Jeffrey Spalding, independent curator Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; Gordan Novak owner of Novak Graphics Inc. printmaking studio and publisher from Admiral, Saskatchewan, Canada; and liu Jian, artists, art consultant and curator from Toronto Canada and Shanghai and Beijing, China.


The residence will take place in Xuancheng town, Jungian County in southern Anhui.

LATEST PUBLICATION: EXIT #68 - Street Photography (November 2017)




The urban space is intimately linked to the history of photography. The atmosphere of the streets, the strollers, the sound of the city appears and reappears in the images. The city as a stage, as an excuse, as an object, as a character. Street Photography as a genre in itself.

this occasion we have made a selection of great names in the history of photography - classic and current - that have given their particular vision of the urban. From the first captures of modern cities, to the iconic moment between the forties and sixties - Walker Evans, Winogrand, Louis Faurer, Helen Levitt, among others - going through a current vision of what happens on the streets, hand in hand by Lorca DiCorcia, Beut Streuli or Lewis Baltz. A number on Street Photography without forgetting the humor, the neon, the unexpected and what will never change.

The street as a stage, Rosa Olivares.


Artistas: Robert Adams, Christopher Anderson, Eugène Atget, Lewis Baltz, Polly Braden, Henri Cartier- Bresson, Francesc Catalá- Roca, Joan Colom, Horacio Coppola, Gabriel Cualladó, Bruce Davidson, Raymond Depardon, Philip Lorca DiCorcia, Louis Faurer, Robert Frank, Harry Gruyaert, Jonathan Higbee, Jorquera, Sergio Larrain, Karine Laval, Helen Levitt, Fred Lyon, Andrea Mantovani, Fernando Maquieira, Boris Mikhailov, Lisette Model, Daido Moriyama, José Manuel Navia, Jason Nocito, Sylvia Plachy, Otto Snoek, Edward Steichen, Louis Stettner, Beat Streuli, Rafael Trapiello, Osaretin Ugiagbe, Walker Evans, Wim Wenders, Garry Winogrand, Adam Wiseman, Jan Yoors.

The camera on the street, Kerry Brougher.
Street Photography. The sound of the streets, Lola Garrido.


Productions of Art and Thought, S.L.
November / 2017
Spanish English
ISBN 9771577272008-68


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RECENT ACQUISITION: Girl in White Lace (Museum of Fine Art Houston)

Bronx Documentary Center - Unbelonging (July 8 - August 13, 2017)