Photograph by Elias Williams

The work of the Nigerian-born Artist Osaretin Ugiagbe (b. 1986, Lagos, Nigeria) documents the beauty and sorrows witnessed during a life split between the surging Bronx (NYC) streets and the half-built flyovers of Lagos, Nigeria (population 20 million strong and growing). In 2002, the then 16-year-old Ugiagbe left Nigeria with his mother and four sisters for the Bronx, joining his father who had already emigrated to the US. Fifteen years later, he maintains an identity firmly planted in both worlds. Now Studying at London's Royal College of Art,  Ugiagbe is attempting to combine all three (Nigeria, U.S, England) experiences. While in England Ugiagbe will be researching England's post- colonial relationship with Nigeria. Being a product of such era the Artist is interested in these imperial narratives and their residual effects in the formation of himself.